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Sniglets Wiki is an encyclopedia/dictionary featuring sniglets of all origins. For those unfamiliar with sniglets, they are fake words created by anyone. Even if they aren't in the dictionary, they should be. This wiki is made so that anyone can post their own sniglets on to share. (Note: The sniglet can be anything and doesn't have to be from an actual source. You are allowed to make ones on the spot if you want as long as its reasonable and not perverted.)

Sniglet of The Month

Writo: Noun: A written mistake (like a typo on paper).

Guidelines to Making a Sniglet

To make a sniglet:

  • make sure it is one word
  1. Doing something like "DogHouse" is not permitted
  • it cannot exist already
  • it cannot include swear words (you can edit swear words)
  • keep it PG-13
  • must be attached to one category (noun/verb/adj)
  1. When doing this, don't put it in the title!
  • Noun:, Verb:, or Adj: must start the article
  • No acronyms

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